General Rules of Participation

1 The Organization announces a singing competition for new talents, with published and unpublished songs, open to all male, female, solo or associated singers in musical groups, aged from 6 years onwards, coming from any European country, who interpret author music sung in their own language of origin. The categories are: the “Junior” from 6 to 18 years (children who turn six in the current year of the final are legal) and the “Senior” from 18 onwards, with the limit of 55 years.

2 For minors, the signature of the guardian is mandatory at the time of registration for the Competition.

3 For groups, all elements must be signed.


4 Admission to the Competition will take place by signing the appropriate form.

In addition to the form completed in all its parts, it is necessary to send:

  1. N.1 passport size photographs of the Participant or of each member of the group.
  2. N.1 photograph (min.13×18):

– for soloists one figure in the foreground and the other whole;

– for duo or group one figure in the foreground and the other whole of the whole group.

  1. Photocopy of identity document, valid passport or residence permit of the Participant, and of all members of the group, and that

of the person exercising parental authority in the case of a minor.

  1. Detailed and typed curriculum vitae in triplicate (specifying, in addition to personal data, place of residence and telephone, any previous musical experiences, tastes, etc.), in the case of groups that of the musical ensemble itself.

and. A CD with the sung version of the song to be presented or a USB stick.

  1. The text of the piece to be presented (only for unreleased pieces). Everything can be sent by email to

In order to register, the Participant must send all the material to the Organization to: containing the material listed in the art. 4.

6 The Organization assumes no responsibility for any postal mistakes or delays at any stage of the competition.


7 The unpublished or published piece that you intend to submit to the Competition must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have a maximum duration of 3 minutes (mandatory).
  2. Be in the Italian language, dialects of the Italian language, language of origin of the participant or group or dialects of the country of origin of the artist. It is also possible to participate with songs in English or any other language even if the singer is not a native speaker.
  3. Do not contain advertising messages or words or messages that offend the common sense of decency, People, the State and Public Institutions.


8 The choice of Participants admitted to the casting will be made by the Organization, which will examine all the material received together with a Commission of experts and insiders. The judgment will be final. The material can also be delivered by hand in the afternoon of the casting day.

9 The Organization will summon by e-mail or registered mail or telegram or telephone call or fax those who will be admitted to the casting or selections that will take place in the cities communicated by the organization itself. The communication will specify the date, time and place where the Participant must present himself. If the participants come directly to the place of selection they will first be selected in the Casting and then they will go to the evening selection.

Casting outside Italy will take place online.


10 The Participant admitted to the selections must appear on the day, time and place communicated by the Organization equipped with an instrumental base, engraved on a CD or USB stick, containing only the piece to be performed, on the base can also be recorded only one accompanying instrument. The presence of the lead vocal track is not allowed. However, choirs are allowed. Punctuality is due, under penalty of exclusion.

11 The Participant who will be admitted to the competition (first selections) will have to sing live the song previously sent to the Organization (see art. 4 and 7 of these regulations).

12 Performance in playback or with a solo voice track is not permitted under any circumstances.

13 The Organization will limit itself to making the audio and lighting system available.


14 The Italian final, together with the European one, will take place from 16 to 18.June.2023 in Romania, and will see the participation of all the finalists from all European countries.

15 The finalists, notified in the manner of article 9, must remain available to the Organization, as well as for the final evening, also for all the tests necessary for the successful outcome of the event, under penalty of exclusion from the final evening.

16 Other prizes will be awarded in addition to the absolute winner, depending on the “Nominations” defined by the Organization.

17 The final winners will be chosen by a Jury of industry experts, whose judgment will be final.


18 No compensation or reimbursement will be paid to the Participants, for any reason, at any stage of the Competition.

19 Participants must always present themselves with a valid identification document and with relative material for their performances. Travel and accommodation expenses and/or other expenses are to be paid by the Participants.

20 The Organization undertakes to observe all the provisions issued by the S.I.A.E. or by the similar company present in Romania for similar competitions.

21 The Organization expressly reserves, in the event of non-compliance with these regulations and in the event of bad behavior on the part of the competitor, the power to exclude, at any time and without reimbursement, those responsible from the Competition.

22 The Organization warns the Participants against accepting guarantees of guaranteed endings or particular recommendations in exchange for compensation, even if these are made by individuals who in some way collaborate with the Organization itself. In fact, they would have no value and the Organization dissociates itself and cautions in advance, as the Competition will reward only those who have proved artistically deserving.

23 By registering, the Participant guarantees to the Organization and removes the latter from any liability, ensuring that his performance does not violate the rights of third parties.

24 It is the faculty of the Organization to disseminate the Competition through the mass media, possibly combining one or more sponsorships.

25 The Organization reserves the right to make any changes to these Regulations.


– 14 “NOMINATION” each for category

– Publication of a single (winning song or another provided by the Artist), in all the main Web/Stores in the world, for all 14 Award winners.

– Insertion within the Compilation of the “Sanremo Music Awards” for the winners of the 14 categories.

– Participation abroad in one or more stages of the Sanremo Music Awards in the world.

– The absolute winner of the Competition will have the right to publish a single on all the main Web-Stores in the world, with the promotion of the published song.

The Sanremo Music Awards has 4 Categories of Artists in the competition:

Big International Section: The International Artists are chosen by the Jury of the TOP CELEBRITY ( Portal and the selected Artists who are part of the 14 are awarded through the Record Company and the Award is delivered directly to the Record Company offices or to the label that is indicated.

Big Italian Section: The Big Italian Artists are selected by a quality Jury which is the same that is created for the other sections. The prizes will be delivered directly to the artists in the Romanian final, if the presence of the artists is not possible due to commitments or illness, the prizes will be delivered to the respective labels or record companies.

RISING STAR section: The selected artists will be awarded in Romania from 16 to 18.June.23.

Youth Section: This section will bring together all the young finalists of the various selections held throughout Italy throughout the year and the finalists from the various European countries. The winners will be judged by a quality jury and a technical jury and will participate in the final which will be held in Romania.


27 In the event of disputes, the competent court will be exclusively that of the Court of London.